9 Signs You’re About To Suffer from a Migraine Attack

It’s quite tough to experience migraine attacks regularly. It can impact some parts of your life, including work, family, and even your ability to socialize. Some patients who suffer from chronic migraine episodes also develop mental health disorders.

If you struggle with such a debilitating condition, finding lasting migraine relief in Encinitas should be your top priority. This way, you get to regain control of your life and suffer from less frequent attacks.  

Also, it will be good for you if you know the key signs to look out for before a migraine episode starts. By knowing these symptoms, you can prepare and manage your condition. Read on to learn about the nine warning signs of a looming migraine episode. 

  1. Visual or sensory auras

Around 30 percent of migraineurs experience visual or sensory auras before an attack. Some of the common symptoms you might encounter include seeing zigzag lines, spots or flashes of lights, and feeling tingling or numbness on your face, arms and fingers. These warning symptoms often last for a couple of minutes, but they can easily stretch to a few hours. 

  1. Problems with sleep 

Quality sleep is essential in maintaining all kinds of body processes. As a migraineur, getting enough sleep at night is extra crucial to the improvement of your condition. Unfortunately, most people who have migraine attacks also suffer from sleeplessness. Most of the time, this results in an endless cycle of pain.

If you want to experience migraine relief in Encinitas, you’ll need to find ways to improve your sleep. Some remedies you can try include avoiding alcohol or caffeine before bedtime and using relaxing essential oils like lavender extract. 

  1. Eye pain

Many patients report pain near or behind one of their eyes. It's quite common among migraineurs and others who experience tension headache, eyestrain, or sinusitis. Some only report mild and tolerable pain, while others experience visual disturbances such as double or blurry vision. If you have a basilar migraine, you might also notice other signs like impaired vision or visual aura before an episode. 

  1. Nausea and vomiting

Research revealed that nausea occurs in more than 90 percent of migraineurs, while roughly 70 percent also experience vomiting. Sometimes they occur before an attack. But, most of the time, patients experience these two symptoms during and after an episode. 

  1. Allergy symptoms like nasal congestion

Believe it or not, some migraineurs experience symptoms similar to an allergic reaction. These include a congested nose, runny nose, watery eyes. and droopy eyelids. That’s why some folks have mistaken their migraine episode for a sinus headache.

If you’re stuck in the exact problem, you can check for other symptoms like nausea and visual aura. If you have both of these symptoms, you’re headache primarily stems from a migraine attack. 

  1. Neck pain

Besides causing a throbbing sensation in your head, a migraine episode also tends to occur with neck pain. Often, migraineurs notice neck pain that radiates to the shoulders. Studies explain that this sensation occurs as a result of increased pain sensitivity among people who have migraines.

As a result, those who need migraine relief in Encinitas seek upper cervical. It’s one of the increasingly popular remedies for neck pain as well as migraine attacks.  

  1. Excessive yawning

Yawning doesn’t always indicate tiredness. For 36 percent of migraineurs, excessive yawning serves as an indicator of an impending migraine episode. If you notice this sign, you should start preparing for a possible attack. Stay in a cool and dim-lit area and avoid contact with common triggers like loud sounds and certain scents. 

  1. Frequent trips to the bathroom

Have you ever noticed frequent urination before your migraine starts wreaking havoc? It turns out this problem happens to many migraine sufferers. This is why the American Headache Society recognizes it as a symptom of a migraine's premonitory phase. Besides frequent peeing, you might also experience a bit of pelvic pain.

  1. Mood swings and speech problems 

As we’ve mentioned earlier, migraines can affect mental health. The effects of the condition, such as decreased productivity, impaired cognitive function, and constant battling with pain, can take a toll on your psychological well-being. It can occur along with mood swings, depression, and anxiety attacks. You might also have difficulties in expressing yourself verbally.


Triggering Factors You Should Avoid

Managing chronic and intense migraine episodes take more than seeking natural remedies. It will also require you to pay close attention to the factors that trigger or aggravate your condition. Below are some of the notable examples of migraine triggers:

  • Hormonal fluctuation during the menstrual cycle
  • Drinking alcoholic or caffeinated beverages
  • Exposure to physical or mental stress
  • Decreased quality of sleep
  • Weather or temperature changes
  • Medication abuse
  • Severe and prolonged dehydration


An Effective Source of Migraine Relief in Encinitas

Having frequent migraine attacks can severely impact your life as well as those around you. Fortunately, you can manage your situation better with the information we shared above. Besides that, you can also try seeking a promising option for lasting migraine relief in Encinitas through the help of an upper cervical care doctor. 

Unknowingly, your pain might be coming from an atlas and axis subluxation. By correcting that and by gently encouraging your bones to slip back into their neutral and normal position, you can minimize the pain brought by your migraine attacks. Upper cervical chiropractic care can make those possible.Want to try a natural remedy that delivers long-term migraine relief in Encinitas? Visit us here at K2 Health Center. Feel free to book your chiropractic consultation online or talk to our team directly. Call (760) 456-9470.

To schedule a consultation with Dr. Keener, call our Encinitas office at 760-456-9470. You can also click the button below.

If you are outside of the local area, you can find an Upper Cervical Doctor near you at www.uppercervicalawareness.com.

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