What To Expect

Day 1

The purpose of your first visit is to gather information. Dr. K wants to make sure that he can help your specific case, so during this first visit you will discuss your medical history and likely take x-rays. While you will not be adjusted during this first visit, Dr. K will determine if K2 is the right fit for you, and per his recommendation, you’ll schedule a Day 2 appointment!

Day 1

Corrections, Not Just Adjustments

Due to the high precision of EPIC, the expectations have risen from ordinary adjustments to sustainable corrections. Accurate correction of the Upper Cervical spine normalizes postural reflex loops, which allow the body to stabilize spinal structures, often without the need for specific exercises or physical therapy modalities. Many EPIC patients have shown marked reduction in thoracolumbar scoliosis curves, and mid and low back pain conditions consistently respond favorably as a byproduct of this Upper Cervical correction.

Day 2

You’ve made it! Day 2 is exciting because during your 1.5 hour appointment, you will get a report of findings as Dr. K goes over your x-rays with you and a subsequenting treatment plan. You will get your first correction on this visit, so plan on wearing closed-toe shoes to the appointment and a soft neck brace after your visit for 1-2 hours to prevent you from making any jarring movements (and accidentally interfering with the treatment). And just like that, the journey has begun.

Day 2

Accurate X-rays for Better Results

EPIC practitioners determine misalignment of the Upper Cervical spine using specific x-rays that produce a three-dimensional view of the cervical spine, and using digital software, are able to measure the position of the Upper Cervical structures down to 1/100th of a degree. Trained EPIC doctors utilize clinical procedures that promote the highest degree of intra and inter examiner reliability.

Day 3

Precision Sound-Wave Adjusting

The EPIC procedure uses a percussive sound wave to correct the Upper Cervical misalignment complex. The low force of this technique allows wider patient populations (such as those with osteoporosis, certain types of disc injuries, surgical fusions, etc) to be candidates for this techniques. Most patients are relieved to hear that there is no popping or twisting involved. It is also important to note that the correction takes place within the patient’s normal range of motion, which eliminates the potential risk of ligamentous trauma.

The EPIC adjusting instrument not only delivers a consistent force, but can be accurately pre-set to deliver a patient-specific correction vector, eliminating as much doctor error as possible. This procedure dramatically reduces the learning curve, and allows doctors to deliver high quality and repeatable corrections, very early in their clinical career.

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We believe in the God-given intelligence that animates the living world.

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Dr. Steven Keener believes in the power that animates the living world, revering the body as an innately intelligent organism of health and wellness.

Through education and empowerment, Dr. K guides patients to embrace a belief system centered on principles of physiology, trusting in the cause and effect of natural law.

With an emphasis in cranio-cervical neurology, tailored care plans are expertly designed to optimize the body’s potential to thrive.
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